Our Science

Coacillium® targets autoimmune and inflammatory pathways with unparalleled safety


Coacillium® is developed following the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) Botanical drug pathway. It is composed of 4 plants extracts: Allium cepa L., Citrus limon (L.) , Theobroma cacao, Paullinia cupana Kunth.

Coacillium® is being developed for Alopecia Areata (AA), an autoimmune conditions.

Among the actives present in Coacillium®, various flavonoids and polyphenols are known from the literature to work in a pleiotropic way to refrain, on the one hand, autoimmune reactions and, on the other hand, to simultaneously protect hair follicles and adjacent dermal tissues from the consequences of related inflammation, oxidative stress and associated cell apoptosis.

All this makes of Coacillium® a relevant treatment for the underlying pathology causing AA.

Coacillium was granted several patents in the US, Europe, China, Japan, etc.

Coacillium safety

Since the four plants Coacillium is made of are known to be safe for human use, we were able to make it available to the public - without claiming a therapeutic benefit – as soon as we have started to observe efficacy. 2.5 million units have been sold to date under various brand-names, and in different dosages, by our commercial partners Galderma, Abbott, Sanofi, DKSH

From the annual reviews of complaints, only 20 adverse events have been reported since start, all minor and transient. Real World Evidence confirms the safety of Coacillium.

Botanical drugs

A megatrend driving the world is the quest for less toxic solutions in everything we use, ingest or consume. The pharmaceutical industry can now embrace this megatrend too.

In 2004, both the US FDA and the European Medicines Agency have put in place the Botanical drug regulatory pathway, enabling the development of innovative drugs from one or several plants extracts.

The approval process of Botanical drugs is similar to chemical drugs and Botanical drugs are expected to meet equivalent efficacy and safety criteria.
Provided they are based on plants known to be safe, Botanical drugs represent ideal treatments of chronic conditions, where patients are exposed for a long period to the drug substance. Moreover, in contrast to synthetic chemicals, natural botanical extracts can generally address multiple targets simultaneously, enabling better treatment of multifactorial chronic and age-related diseases.

Legacy Healthcare is a pioneer of this promising field. So we coined a new name for these drugs: New Botanical Entity®, or NBE®

Next Step

Coacillium® is the first New Botanical Entity developed by Legacy Healthcare.

The latest advances in phytopharmacology, biology, chemotaxonomy, AI, etc. enable today to leverage the therapeutic power of plants in a way never achieved to date.

Our goal is to become a global leader for the development of New Botanical Entities, joining hands with think-alike academic, regulatory, and financing partners globally.