Shaping the future of our health, together.


The megatrend driving the world is the quest for less toxic solutions in everything we use, ingest or consume.

For chronic conditions, FDA and EMA approved Botanical drugs are capable to respond to this quest.

They are simply more in-tune with where the world is moving towards. Legacy Healthcare aims at becoming the global leader for Botanical drug development.

Breakthrough model

Provided they are composed of plants known safe for human use, Botanical drugs can be made available to people, without drug claims, while drug development is still ongoing.

This enable early collection of Real-World Evidence of safety, a key element for the treatment of chronic conditions.


Legacy Healthcare is like no other biotech company. The early and most risky phase of Coacillium development has been fully funded by the founders.

Our commitment goes beyond words.

Only as we entered the late-stage clinical development phase, we were joined by investors, corporate and individuals.

Also, while biotech companies only burn cash, we managed to generate pre-marketing revenue at the same time as developing our first drug, thanks to a breakthrough business model.

Why invest

Pediatric Alopecia Areata (AA) affects 4,2m children globally, including 125’000 in the US and 200’000 in Europe.

No treatment is currently approved, and the opportunity represents over a billion USD. Coacillium will be the first and only treatment approved for moderate to severe Pediatric AA.

It is safer and potentially more efficient than current standard-of-care, enabling it to capture a sizeable part of this opportunity. Beyond Pediatric AA, early data support the development of

Coacillium in several other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, where its safety profile will make Coacillium the first choice for fragile people, like children, cancer patients and the elderly.

To date, we have successfully raised funds from the following corporate and individual investors.

1st external investment
2nd external investment
3rd external investment